Increase Focus and Attention with Brain Evolution
Increase Focus and Attention with Brain Evolution
At-home meditation is the most convenient place to do meditation but it also is an environmentthat can introduce the most distractions. Brainwave entraining CDsand other tips and techniques can give you the help you need to remain focussed

Staying Awake
the biggest job for many of us is to stay awake during the time set aside for meditation

The best time to do meditation is after a few hours of sleep. it’s inappropriate to take a napjust as you see a tunnel that you believe is your escape into the astral world.

You had planned on escaping to ancient Egypt and maybe even dropping in on a lecture by Plato but instead you are deep in a dream state and being chased by dragons.

To avoid sleep, find the right time of day for you to practice meditation. The mind is often the most at peaceupon awakening before the stresses of the day set in.before you begin to be bombarded by the stresses of the day Meditating with the sunrise is always a serene experience. An early meditation also helps you turn on your positive vibrations to take on the entire universe during the day with a stonger,happier mindset.
Brainwave entrainment products are one of the most effective ways of introducing discipline to at-home meditation.
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