Oxegenate Your Cells With Cellfood

Oxegenate Your Cells With Cellfood
Oxygen deficiency plays an important part in cellular

contami¬nation. That's because

oxygen is a powerful detoxifier and when it is


poisonous substances begin

to devastate

bodily functions and

decrease the body of

life giving energy.

Initial symptoms of oxygen

depletion may include:
overall weak¬ness,general weakness, fatigue, circulation problems, poor
digestion, muscle aches, dizziness, mood issues,

memory loss, irrational behavior,
unusual behavior,irritability, acid

stomach, and bronchial complications.

When the immune sys¬tem is compromised by a lack of oxygen, the

body is more suscepti¬ble to bacterial, viral, and
parasitic infections, colds, and flu.

In the extreme, oxygen

deprivation can

trigger life-threatening diseases.

Dr. Otto Warburg, renowned biochemist
and 1931 Nobel Prize win¬ner, hypothesized that cancer cells cannot

in a high oxygen envi¬ronment. His lectures notedthat
when oxidation fails and fermenta¬tion is substituted for a
cell's energy, the pathway to cancer is opened.

Dr. Warburg has said that "The prime cause of
cancer is the
replace¬ment of the normal oxygen respiration of body
cells by an anaerobic (without oxygen) cell respiration."
Dr. Warburg's discovery is just one of many that point to
the vital importance of oxygen.

Knowledgeable scientists and doctors agree that
the most com¬mon cause of
metabolic disorders is oxygen-

deficient blood. It is most
recognizable by the creation
of uric acid. This widely dispersed bodily
poison is the
basic"cause of many terrible
illnesses. The lay¬man

thinks of uric acid as a

It may appear to be in solution, but as a rule it is in fact

a fine crystal powder.

Because of its insol¬ubility, it is very dangerous.

In order for the body to regain health, the body must be
supported in its efforts to ingest sufficient oxygen

revitalize energy and (cleanse|
detoxify )

itself of toxic substances.

Oxygen plays another very important role in the body
acting as , guardian and protector against unfriendly
bacteria and disease.

One of oxygen's
major functions is disintegration,
garbage, toxins,
debris, and any useless substances are
killed by
oxygen and carried out of the

CELLFOOD is a highly concentrated super energised proprietary formulation that contains 78 ionic colloidal trace elements and minerals (34 from fossilized plants taken from virgin earth and 44 from the thoroughly clean southern seas encompassing New Zealand, unrefined and still that contains trace elements!)combined with 34 enzymes,17 amino acids, dissolved oxygen all suspended in a solution of Deuterium Sulfate.The nutrients in CELLFOOD are both ionic and colloidal in form.