how to invest in property with no money
how to invest in property with no money
What is Below Market Value in your area? If you are trying to find properties that you can buy Below the Market Value (BMV) you will need to find the right type of property in your area.

A few good indicators that you might be able to pay less for a property than it is being advertised for are:
1. It was purchased more than 10 years in the past when prices were lower than they are now. If the proprietor has not re-mortgaged then they will have some equity in the property which allows them to accept less for the property than an proprietor who has to pay back again the mortgage at the point of sale.
2.The higher the price of the property, the further the price can fall. If you try to offer BMV on a property valued at ВЈ50k then there is not much further for the price to go. If the property is larger and therefore a higher price, then taking 20% off makes less impact. For example a ВЈ250k property less 20% would be priced at ВЈ200k.
3.Buy at the stamp obligation level, and not just above. If a property is valued at ВЈ140k then you need to be offering at ВЈ125 maximum so that you avoid the 1% interest rate that is payable on property purchased at ВЈ125,001 and above. Similarly anything valued between ВЈ250k and ВЈ275 needs to be purchased at ВЈ249,000 max and lower if possible so that it falls below the 3% stamp obligation rate which kicks in at ВЈ250,001.

Whenever you offer to purchase a property then make sure you are offering less than it is worth – even to you. That way you will know when you are paying the right amount.