The Miracle Supplement –Cellfood
The Miracle Supplement –Cellfood
I know many of youthink hyperacidity and heartburn are only minor
complaints. But did you know that
hyperacidity (excess acid or acidosis) can
actually make you really sick?
Much of the food we ingest such as meat, breadsmade with white flour and and as well as sweets and coffee are acidifiers. Consumed in too great a quantity, they acidify the fluids in the human body and cause you to get very ill You get highly acidic You feel ill, very nervous and anxious listless, fatigued and unmotivated,not feeling to do anything, to name but only a few of the symptoms.
But our bodies have a defence mechanism to defeatthis type of too muchacidity. It is designed to protect its cells against burning and ruin.Its strategy is to link excess acids to its store of mineral salts,in other words neutralize them and store them as a waste product.
This in itself is already dangerous, but there is something else that is very worrying.

Forced to combat this over acidity, the body needs increasingquantities of mineral salts and if your diet doesn’t impart these mineral saltsit draws out it’s reserves, which results in demineralization.

Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize winning chemist said, “ Every disease is directly linked to a lack of mineral salts”

Scientists have identified acknowledgedmore than two hundred illnesses that they feelare directly linked to a lack of mineral salts: diabetes,arthritis, heart disease, gall stones, kidney stones, along with many other illnesses.

The result of all this is that the mineral salts we absorb through our normal diet is not sufficient enough to guard our health and so we should be investing in an excellent mineral product as a result.

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It contains 78 trace mineral salts, 17 amino acids , 34 enzymes and electrolytes.