All about dowsing
All about dowsing
Dowsing is an ancient application -

thought to date back

a minimum of 8,000 years. Actually it is an

old technique used to gain

access to insight via

metaphysical method. It is

generally associated with finding

oil, water or precious metals, however often times a

missing person or item or dowsing

health-related issues. It is a ability that

almost anyone can learn.

<p><a href="">
<img border="0" src="" align="left" hspace="8" width="122" height="395" alt="dowsing"></a>Dowsing was reportedly used to find coal during the Middle Ages. Actually it is also

utilized to activate, correct &

adjust the energies for specific

purposes. It can be

utilized to answer any yes-or-no

question, it can also function as a

technique for tapping into an individual's


Dowsing could in fact be practiced with

many different devices such as

divining rods, willow branches, and pendulums. It existed in various forms for thousands of years.

Dowsing may help you to

realise what chakras may require

extra care and attention .

It certainly is a talent definitely

worth mastering, and you will come across many

uses for it.

Dowsers usually are known to use pendulums for

locating buried objects and ground water. In

general terms, it is the methode of

finding hidden objects. Dowsing may have

been mentioned in the Bible, even though not by

name, when Moses and Aaron used a "rod" to

locate water.

Dowsing offers us the potential to explore the hidden world of the subtle but

powerful energies that are actually

hidden behind all of existence. It's the action of

using a tool such as a pendulum or rod to

gain knowledge of things that cannot be found using our

everyday senses; it is also used commercially in the

search for oil, for minerals, and in

natural treatment for guidance in

diagnosis and treatment program.

Dowsing by itself is a broad category

encompassing many various

forms, one of which is dowsing for water. It is an art

used for thousand years to

find water, minerals and metals, and in these days employed by

builders, plumbers, and electricians the

world over.

Searching for ley lines, sources of water or other

materials such as precious metals is

usually practiced

by using dowsing rods or a Y shaped branch from a tree or bush.

Dowsing, sometimes connected with the word "radiesthesia", is the employment of a

special instrument to indicate or

find an object or quality in physical

matter. It has been the most common way to indicate energy

fields and has been utilized around the world in

various forms for many hundreds of years.

Dowsing skills are invaluable because they give us a quick

reliable method of answering a great



Numerous biblical references point to the

use of the rod and the staff. Actually it is usually used for water search, but there

seem to be practically no

limits to the number of

applications it can be used for. It requires

focus, and it can be draining, both

mentally and physically.

Dowsing can help select the

groceries, herbal remedies,

supplements, homeopathic remedies, or flower essences your

body can use immediately, also the best

dose and frequency.

Dowsing may be carried out

using any of a quantity of devices -

a Y-rod, L-rod, wand, pendulum, or even the dowser's own body.

Map Dowsing is using dowsing abilities to take a map

of anywhere, or any thing, and retrieve

information from it. Map dowsing is one

of the three fundamental types of

dowsing and is for intermediate to advanced dowsers. It can be

applied to find many

zones of oil all in the same region by just asking

for one type oil at a time.

The dowsing pendulum has a very long history of use

for finding water, gold, minerals,

land mines, underground tunnels and caves,

among other natural elements. The dowsing

response, which starts shortly

before you are straight over the

item you are dowsing for, is a marked and

distinctive movement of the rods.
Dowsing provides you the access to an inner

knowledge; it can be a

fun and straight-forward

way to begin to measure energy fields and is

an excellent way of talking

directly with our intuition. Have your dowsing session

when you feel calm and

centered ; be sure you have done

your absolute best with creating all questions.

Currently dowsing is used by

believers to find not only graves, but water, water pipes,

leaking, buried electrical lines, lost people, buried

foundations, archaeological sites, buried treasures,

coal, oil, gold, gemstones, prehistoric

Spiritual Dowsing works directly with the subconscious mind to

discover and eliminate these

emotional routines, freeing a

person from blocks to wellness, career, love, success

and happiness.
In the USA, dowsing for precious metals and oil

tends to be a lot more

popular then anywhere

else on the planet.

The simple fact that dowsing can lead to the

development of

clairvoyant abilities (such as

telepathy and clairvoyance) is described by Hester and

many practicing dowsers.

You can easily learn to use dowsing to

detect and identify many different subtle but

powerful energies that are everywhere in your living environment and within your being.

Evidently you can also use dowsing to

assess patients for food intolerances, allergies,

blood glucose levels, etc. and heal various

conditions such

as cancer.

The pendulum, forked branch, and dowsing rods all work in

the same way: the move in reaction to the

unconscious muscle motions of the dowser

which are triggered by

psychic stimuli.

Defined in the most general way,

dowsing is the practise of

determining the unknown using psychic

methods. Further to finding

materials in the earth, dowsing is also used to discover

information. As everything is

basically energy, everything can be

dowsed, so you can have a look around this unseen world and unlock the secrets of

the universe.