Promote Me Pro Discount
Promote Me Pro Discount
Promote Me Pro Review discount and Bonus by Sean Donahoe

Promote Me Pro Wordpress Social Media Syndication Plugin

This is a Powerful Social media syndication wordpress plugin that will allow you to post your wordpress posts and pages to multiple social media accounts. The cool thing about the Promote Me Pro plugin is how you are able to schedule and drip feed your promotions accross various social accounts.

My short Promote Me Pro Review

Promote me pro allows you to add multiple acocunts of the same network. This means you are able to add multiple twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. In fact you are able to post to the top 5 social networks including Google+.

All in all the Promote Me Pro wordpress plugin is a great product that will allow you to automate your social sharings for every post that you make. As its possible to add multiple accounts of the same network then you can really start to create a plenty of buzz around your posts. 5 networks might sound like a small number to syndicate your content to but having the ability to add multiple accounts with no limits really does set this apart from all the other social plugins available