Cellfood Provides Oxygen And Minerals

Cellfood Provides Oxygen And Minerals
Cellfood is a proprietary blend of 129 factors. It is a nutritional dietary supplement that Everett Storey claimed could be the reply to condition on Earth. Everett Storey is credited for the advancement of the water -splitting engineering amid other excellent inventions. In the course of the second planet war ,he witnessed his inventions getting employed to construct the hydrogen bomb and getting a humanitarian, he so desired to do one thing excellent for humanity that he made this Cellfood Dietary supplement.


The identical water splitting engineering that he invented, that was getting employed in the H-bomb’s fusion cause was incorporated into this Cellfood engineering.
He hence developed an oxygen therapy based mostly on the deuterium ions to self-sustain a catalytic sort reaction in which our inside entire body water is split into oxygen and hydrogen.

CELLFOOD, the end result of 42 a long time of analysis, is created from the very best plant substances, capable of holding its effective factors in total remedy, delivering them to each and every cell in the human entire body. This miraculous method supports and enhances nutritional biochemical routines and brings to our diet program what modern day living and engineering have stripped away.

Cellfood includes 78 trace minerals,34 enzymes,17amino acids, electrolytes, and nascent (newly developed) oxygen and hydrogen as by items--all by natural means taking place substances and crucial to the body’s several bio-chemical operate, in a kind that is very easily absorbed by the cells of the entire body.