Eliminate Free Radicals With Cellfood

Eliminate Free Radicals With Cellfood
This amazing product CELLFOOD can actually produce newly

created oxygen (nascent oxygen) when it is ingested into the body.

It is still a miracle to its manufacturers, how Cellfood

is able to accomplish this remarkable feat

Molecules of
water are attracted together and so they are kept in place.- one neg¬

atively-charged oxygen atom and two positively-charged

hydrogen atoms. This attraction is so powerful that
under ordinary circumstances it is enough to hold the atoms of water t
ogether. But once a person ingests Cellfood, it lessons the attraction of the water
molecules , causing them to separate

As a result two atoms of hydrogen
and one atom of oxygen is created. which the body can then utilize.

But what it is
in Cellfood that can do this to the weakened molecules of water?

The free radical is responsible for this Those in authority claim that the body is attacked by approximately ten thousand free radicals each and every day.

The most dangerous of which is the positively charged oxygen
singlet O+

At first glance they
appear to be harmless.
However, these free radicals are very unstable,
always looking for a negatively charged atom to tie itself to. Where do you
think it finds on in the molecule that is weakened by cellfood?

The oxygen atom (O-) from the weakened water molecule is pulled to the free radical (O + ), forming a molecule of stable oxygen (O2).

This newly created molecule of stable oxygen can now be utilized for numerous body processes such as:

building an irrigation system, repairing and rejuvenating organs and cells,getting rid of inflammation. promoting osmosis, moistening lung sur¬faces for gas diffusion, and regulating body temperature.

It can then join with one carbon atom to create carbon dioxide which is gotten rid of during the breathing process
What a case to drink cellfoood on a daily basis. Protect your body from free radical damage with CELLFOOD!

CELLFOOD-#one selling Oxygen/nutrient dietary supplement in the entire world! It is a hugely concentrated tremendously-energised proprietary formulation that contains seventy eight trace ionic minerals, seventeen amino acids 34 enzymes electrolytes and dissolved oxygen for cleansing and nourishing every single solitary cell in the human body.