Heart health Benefits of Omega3 Fish Oil\\

Heart health Benefits of Omega3 Fish Oil\\
Healthy Heart Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

• Decreases free radicals
• Decreases inflammation
• Decreases C-reactive protein (CRP)
• Increases sensitivity to insulin
• Decreases triglycerides
• Increases HDL cholesterol
• Lowers blood pressure
• Improves endothelial dysfunction
• Reduces inflammatory
atherosclerotic plaque
• Improves heart rate variability
• Lower homocysteine levels

People suffering from heart attack given normal treatment plus one gram Omega 3 fatty acids every dayenjoyed a slight decrease in the rate of death than those on a placebo.
In another test the Japan Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) Lipid Intervention Study (JELIS), which included over sixteen thousand peoplewho had high levels of cholesterol and put on a statin drug

or those given a statin drug together with eighteen ml of EPA s( Omega 3 fatty acids) the people given the statin drug and the omega 3 enjoyed a nineteen percent decrease in severe heart ailments..
In addition to these trials testing the results of Omega-3 fatty acids on the prevention of coronary heart disease many discoveries have pointed out a significant of other healthy heart gains of the omega-3s. of EPA and DPA ( Omega 3 fatty acids) The most known benefit of omega 3 fatty acid is how it affects blood lipidsnamely, the lessoning of triglycerides and the building up of the good cholesterol HDL.
Interestingly, a small increase in LDL cholesterol has also been found in some studies evaluating the effects of EPA and DHA on blood lipids. The reason

Because of this study such important proof of the amazing benefits to a healthy heart from ingesting omega 3fish oils the American Heart Association makes the following recommendations:
• People should consume fish especially sardines,tuna and salmon two or more times a week this equals the same as ingesting five to eight hundred milligrams a day
• people suffering from heart problems should consume about 1 gram
(1000 milligrams) of EPA+DHA per day from fatty fish or fish oil capsules.
• Those who have to lower their triglyceride levels should ingest two to four grams of omega3 fatty acids every day from fish oil capsules