Is it possible to survive a Marital Affair by your Spouse - Is Surviving Infidelity Even Possible After Cheating?
Is it possible to survive a Marital Affair by your Spouse - Is Surviving Infidelity Even Possible After Cheating?
Did your spouse have a marital affair? The pain is unbearable after your spouse cheated on you. My husband cheated too. You know how
devastated you felt after finding out your spouse had cheated on you. Discovering your relationship has just come crumbling down overwhelms you. After flood of tears and anger subsided, leaving you with a hole in your heart, the question remains: What do you do next?

You might be shocked to find out that almost 77% of women whose spouse has had a marital affair were together for more than eleven years! Like me, you probably figured the longer relationship, the less likely your spouse would be to cheat on you.

How does his affair affect you?

Surviving Infidelity is very hard - Can you Love again

Your mind might be obsessed by painful pictures of your spouse in his act of cheating. Repeatedly you see him and her together in your mind. It seems to be a bad movie that never ends. Of course,
{when all you can think about is your husband's the more you obsess, the more upset you become. For you, rage starts to boil or your tears rain down with no light at the end of the tunnel. Feelings of insecurity
and worthlessness overwhelm you. You beat yourself up. Your lack of trust in ANYTHING he says or does increases the tremendous burden you’re carrying.

* How can you repair the damage?

* Is he lying to your face when he says it’s over?

* Is he really just going out for a couple of hours with his friends?

If you still love him and in your heart you want to forgive him, you can rebuild your relationship. And learn to trust again without fear or blame. First, take comfort in your long lasting relationship. Be proud of yourself for being committed to him for so long. You should focus on what YOU can do. Marriage counseling doesn’t always work as your husband may refuse to go. Discover a program designed for you to help you recover from his marital
affair. The program, How to Survive an Affair, will help guide you to help yourself. Try not to forget, there is always hope for your future.

* Stop the movie playing in your head.

* Begin to trust him again.

* Stop blaming yourself.

If your husband is committed like you, this wonderful program can be used together to learn to love again. The insights you and your husband will discover can not only keep you together, but may even
create a more loving relationship than you ever had. Surviving infidelity is a process leading to rebuilding your marriage.

Surviving infidelity can be very difficult. But if you and your spouse really want it, just imagine yourself on an exotic beach watching a gorgeous sunset hand in hand. Now that’s worth it!