Probably the best dowsing pendulum is on sale
Probably the best dowsing pendulum is on sale
ISIS - a pendulum designed and built by among the highly regarded specialists of radiesthetic devices, Jozef Baj of Warsaw, Poland. Its shape stands for the Cross of Life as understood to ancient Egyptians. The 4 parallel disks produce an amplifier, making it extremely sensitive and selective.
Isis produces its own energy at a frequency equivalent to the color white - the synthesis of all colors. This strong, continuous radiation makes it best for use as a "carrier wave" which can be modulated and utilized in teleradiesthesia. (use of radiesthetic devices from a distance) It is very safe.
Isis is a mental pendulum and can be utilized as a transmitter or receiver, according to the mental command of the dowser.
It can be utilized in checking food items, natural herbs, in making health diagnoses and as a generator of carrier wave in work with maps and distance dowsing.
It does not require neutralization - it cleanses itself.
Because of its distinct properties and safety it need to be thought about standard and essential pendulum of every dowser.