Tree Hut Sugar Shea Body Scrub Brazilian Nut
Tree Hut Sugar Shea Body Scrub Brazilian Nut
My hands have a tendency to get very dry and flaky/scaly during the winter, and I decided that I wanted to try an exfoliant type product to buff the dry skin off. I like the idea of a sugar scrub and thought the 3 pack of Brazilian Nut for $16 sounded worth trying. I am very pleased with this product. After the first application I noticed a marked difference in the flaky skin and after using it once a day for a few days the problem seems to be under control. My hands immediately felt smoother and softer.

Things I Really Like About the Product:.
1) The scrub has an even consistency with respect to the grittiness of the sugar in suspension - this makes it easy to spread on your body. (I have tried other products in the past that have extreme differences between the sizes of the exfoliating particles - it makes it hard to use that way.).
2) I love the scent. The Brazilian Nut has a very sweet nutty smell.

Advice for first time users - This might sound redundant, but this product effectively buffs (think sandpaper) your skin. If you are sensitive to abrasive rubbing, this might be too gritty. The sugar crystals are fairly big (bigger than fine sugar for example) and as you work the product over your skin you can definitely feel the crystals.

Overall, I am very pleased and will certainly purchase Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs in the future.